Wednesday, January 9, 2008

About Love-Lies-Bleeding

In case any of you were interested in a little more background behind Don Delillo and his perspective on this play, I’ve included some helpful links below. Enjoy!

An interview with Don Delillo for the Steppenwolf production

DD: I suppose the one thing I ought to say about this play in particular is that it’s an attempt to explore the modern meaning of life’s end. When does life end? When should it end? How should it end? What is the value of life and how do we measure it? The play isn’t meant to answer these questions, but simply to fl oat in the space between them. And I could never have said any of this while working on the play or even shortly afterward. But over time, certain things become a little clearer.

ML: You know I was suddenly just thinking a lot about the play. It’s interesting because there’s a remove on the surface of the play, but I find myself strangely moved by it precisely because of what you’re saying now—this awful responsibility that we now have and the great wisdom it’s going to ask of us to make decisions about when life ends.

DD: We have to make decisions that people didn’t have to make unless they were doctors.

ML: It’s awesome.

DD: It is. This is what you will convey when you walk out on the stage that first night—the awesomeness of it.

ML: Yeah, I hope so.

DD: So wear comfortable shoes.”

The voice of Mr. Delillo, in case any of you were wondering

A 2006 interview with Don Delillo for Melbourne’s The Age

Steppenwolf’s LLB homepage

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