Saturday, December 15, 2007


Thank you, all, for taking a moment and visiting our dramaturgy blog for Love-Lies-Bleeding. My hope here is to inform but not to overwhelm, and provide the kind of research and direct you toward places to get answers. Most everything will be on this page/blog, but since some of these posts are long and large, feel free to browse the subject lines on the right-hand side if you're looking for something specific.

That being said, please feel free to email me questions, comments, things you'd like to see up on this blog, or simply post a comment. We're working hard to make sure you get the right information, but we might not catch everything! My email is

Off we go!


[As a sidenote to any external sources which may come across this website in their internet travels; all photos and information taken from sources is purely for use only within the confines of our production and it is not our intention to distribute these materials elsewhere. We have tried to document where we can, however if you have any sort of issue with anything we've posted here, please contact Brett Marks, Dramaturg for the production, at the email address above. Thank you in advance for use of your materials!]